3 apps to help you manage money, decrease debt, and pay bills

While this year can easily make us feel like we’ve lost control, there are fortunately apps designed to help us stay in control of things like our finances. If you need help budgeting, paying bills, or lowering your debt, check out these three apps…

Mint: If you only have enough space on your phone for one money app, Mint is the one. You can create and keep track of budgets, monitor your accounts, and even check your credit score for free. You can also receive alerts when bills are due so you won’t miss a single payment.

YNAB: We all need a budget. YNAB believes it too. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it stands for You Need A Budget. YNAB is all about getting its users to stop living paycheck to paycheck. It’s not a free app (although as little as $7 a month if you pay annually) but it’s designed to help you save more and pay down debt. YNAB will help you “prioritize and plan” and we could all probably use a little more of that. It “requires you to be forward-looking and intentional about every dollar”, and will help you gain complete control of your finances. If you’re not sure about the subscription fee, check it out for 34 days for free and see what you think.

Prism: If you’re super organized, then you’ll probably love Prism. It’s like a planner (that’s a calendar for us “less organized folks”) that only has your bills in it. Prism will keep track of your bills and send you reminders when it’s time to pay. You can also pay your bills directly from the app. You also have the ability to schedule payments so you won’t have to worry about anything that’s due while you’re on vacation, traveling, or just busy.

John Pettit

John Pettit

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