3 questions with Trellance’s Rick Bradberry

CUInsight CO-Founder Randy Smith is joined by Rick Bradberry, Chief Revenue Officer of Trellance, for a quick interview with just 3 questions about the COVID-19 crisis…

  1. (0:49) What is your company doing to support credit unions and their members during the COVID-19 crisis?
  2. (4:49) How do you think that COVID-19 might affect credit unions and the way that we do business in the long-term?
  3. (7:15) What tips do you have for staying sane during trying times?

You can learn more about Trellances response to the COVID-19 crisis here.


Randall Smith

Randall Smith

Randall Smith is the co-founder of CUInsight.com, the host of The CUInsight Experience podcast, and a bit of a wanderlust. As one of the co-founders of CUInsight.com he ... Web: www.CUInsight.com Details

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