3 reasons why credit unions need to invest in financial education

Your credit union is in the business of providing financial products and services to its members — so why should your team worry about financial education?

At Zogo, we believe financial education should be a critical part of every credit union’s mission. Here’s why:

1. Because it helps build your next generation of members. 

Think of when you were younger, and starting to build your own financial independence.

Where did you learn how to budget, or how to save? How did you learn how to start investing? Who taught you what a Roth IRA or a money market account was?

If you’re like most Americans, you learned a little bit from your parents, a little bit from experience and maybe a little bit from the internet. But what if that information had been provided to you in an accessible and authentic way by your financial institution, from the moment that you opened your first account?


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