3 tools for a holistic digital communication strategy

COVID-19 has transformed your institution’s digital communication strategy into an immediate demand. However, many financial institutions still fail to meet customer-centric expectations. According to a recent Javelin report, most digital applications fail to deliver a single-channel experience.

As a result, only 43% of consumers expressed satisfaction in their ability to conveniently open accounts online. Perhaps more worrisome, only 43% were satisfied with their financial institution’s ability to help them select products digitally.

Current events notwithstanding, mobile and digital-first consumers are on the rise and expected to keep increasing. Clinching these customers hinges on conveniently meeting their servicing and consultative needs. Financial institutions that do not simplify customers’ ability to seek help, clarification or advice miss out on opportunities to prevent abandonment during the customer journey. They can also scare away prospective or current customers by seeming ill-prepared for a digital future.

To combat these negative perceptions, improve customer satisfaction and differentiate themselves from the competition, institutions should embrace a holistic digital communications strategy. To do so, they should deploy the following three-pronged approach to pique the interest and confidence of prospective and current customers.


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