Data tools to support your members in today’s environment

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, consumers are changing their behaviors on a daily basis. Job losses are creating stress, while social distancing measures have changed how people can do business with their credit unions.  Travel restrictions and business closures are changing normal spending habits and putting strain on small businesses. The news isn’t all negative, though.

Life in this “new normal” is bringing out the best in many people – helping their neighbors, donating to those who are immediately impacted, and creating the opportunity for businesses and financial institutions to begin thinking outside of the box. Below are just a few examples of programs Saylent developed quickly to support credit unions as they support their members.

Use Your Institution’s Data to Help Members in Need

For years, credit unions have prioritized how to use their data to create more meaningful relationships with their members. By paying attention to the story the data tells, they’re ready to respond to members’ needs — sometimes before the member even recognizes those needs —creating mutually profitable, lasting relationships that people value.


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