Is FOMO (fear of mail offers) hurting your marketing results?

4 ways to harness the power of direct mail

Quick! When’s the last time you got excited about including direct mail in your marketing plan?

If it’s been a while, we’re guessing your avoidance boils down to our spin on FOMO—“fear of mail offers.” In short, that you’ve moved away from direct mail because you’re afraid it’s too “old school,” too expensive, annoys members, and doesn’t offer the personalized touch of other marketing channels.

But here’s the thing: You’re missing out, because direct mail works.

The research shows direct mail can generate sales that are five times larger than those from email campaigns.1 And even though mail volume has dropped by nearly 30% since 2006, the response rate has jumped by an impressive 173%.2

Other lenders and insurance companies know direct mail makes a difference and they’re sending out more direct mail than credit unions by a three to one margin.Your competition is in your members’ mailboxes. Can you afford not to be?

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