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- by Ann Davidson, Allied Solutions

Holly jolly card fraud prevention

Tis the season for holiday shopping, and card-not-present fraud. For the 2020 holiday shopping season, many consumers pivoted to e-commerce to accommodate social distancing and stay-at-home orders from the COVID-19 pandemic. As online shopping increased, [...]

- by Ann Davidson, NAFCU Services Blog

Safeguarding against fraud: 5 best practices to know

Due to an increase in online shopping in 2020 and 2021, card not present fraud has grown exponentially. With more credit union staff working remote than ever before, employee fraud and business email breaches are [...]

- by Allied Insights

Experience over things: How to attract new accountholders

The youth of today are the consumers and investors of tomorrow. Yet, statistics continue to show far fewer numbers of youth members in the credit union and banking space. The average credit union membership age [...]

- by Ann Davidson, NAFCU Services Blog

Don’t be spooked by fraud!

Creating a web of prevention, detection, and prediction is the best defense against fraud. In some cases, it will require slight tweaks to an existing fraud strategy to prevent massive losses. In other cases, a [...]

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