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Ask Maddaux & Penny: A new Q&A for credit unions

We’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the Aux Team! Maddaux the Ox and Penny the Starling will be here to answer pressing compliance, accounting, marketing, and data analytics questions every [...]

- by Gaye DeCesare, Aux

Fighting the FUD factor

Financial regulation in the United States dates back to the Declaration of Independence when the fledgling states set limits on loan rates, and for the first two centuries of the country’s existence regulatory change [...]

- by Anne Legg, AUX

Connecting head (data) to heart (mission)

The credit union point of differentiation is the credit union hug. The credit union hug is equal parts the seventh cooperative principle, “concern for community,” the credit union “people helping people.” spirit and the cooperative [...]

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AUX announces Alan Bergstrom as VP of Marketing & Biz Dev

Back Office Outsourcing CUSO Aux (formerly CU Service Network) is pleased to announce that Alan Bergstrom has joined its team as VP, Marketing and Business Development. Mr. Bergstrom is a passionate credit union veteran, having [...]

CU Service Network announces new corporate brand: Aux

Back Office Outsourcing and Shared Branching CUSO CU Service Network (CUSN) is thrilled to announce their new company name and brand: Aux. Over the past five years, the CUSO has transformed tremendously as an organization, [...]

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