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- by Anthony Fattore, BillingTree

Why payment integrations matter in collections

In what has now become a competitive digital landscape, since COVID-19, a large majority of agencies today require simple-to-use, automated solutions to meet growing consumer demand for diverse payment options. Gone are the days of [...]

- by Anthony Fattore, BillingTree

Top 5 tips for collections businesses

Many small to mid-sized businesses find payments to be their most significant challenge. Odd, we know, but all too common. You’d think companies would want to develop the simplest way to accept and receive [...]

- by Anthony Fattore, BillingTree

Collections payments best practices during a pandemic

During this pandemic, BillingTree is taking collections payment processing to the next level by closely analyzing our partner’s merchant activity. Your clients/customers want convenient, contactless methods to make their payments. The issue arises [...]

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