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Customer 360: Your portal into the digital age

Customer satisfaction is key to your bank’s lasting success. After all, unhappy customers have plenty of other places to look for personal financial products. And many do. Sixty-nine percent of customers who leave their [...]


Bank branches aren’t going anywhere – Here’s why

In this phone-glued-to-hand culture, you might think app-based banking is driving brick-and-mortar bank branches towards obsoletion. Not so! Old-school branches can breathe a sigh of relief, because – as it turns out – customers like having a [...]


Podcast: WFH Handbook with Jill Nowacki

As most of us recently found out, working from home is not always the nirvana we hold it up to be. Zoom meetings with dogs barking , the newly dual-purpose homeschool sofa, and your kitchen table [...]


Is your sales process earning you a face punch?

Is your sales approach earning you a throat punch? Here’s an idea. Don’t “pitch slap” people! On this week’s episode of Banking On Experience, CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert sits down with Amy [...]


How to bring diversity to life

Diversity. Equality. Inclusion. (Otherwise referred to as “DEI”) It’s stand-up, speak-out, real-talk time. And on this week’s episode of Banking On Experience, Michael Murdoch of Wauna Credit Union joins CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert [...]


Podcast: Member experience changes

Life is change, but oh the evolving we’ve been doing this year! And the member experience is no exception. On this week’s episode of Banking on Experience, CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert is joined [...]

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