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- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

The world as our school

The best of learning involves no school at all; “the world is school enough,” says George Leonard, a Zen philosopher and expert in Aikido. Our world today is opportunistic in its learning.  Yet, there are [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

Healthy self-regard and humility

Fifteen emotional competencies form the foundation of human behavior, and improving this foundation increases the ease and effectiveness of our many relationships in the workplace and, ultimately, our leadership effectiveness. Dr. Deedee Myers helps us [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

Bullying or be humble and kind

Last Tuesday I was driving to the airport to have lunch with two of my sons when this Tim McGraw song called Humble and Kind came on the radio. Normally I play music in the [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

Are you a pretender?

Are you one of the board members pretending to look engaged and interested?  How curious are you in the board packet and in understanding how your organization is confidently and consistently serving your community?  What [...]

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Mary Leonardi joins the DDJ Myers team

Mary Leonardi, a highly regarded executive search consultant and human resources professional, joined DDJ Myers, Ltd, effective July 29, 2019, as Vice President of Executive Search Services. Mary is a seasoned and proven professional with [...]