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- by Darlene Dumont, DDJ Myers

Doing what is right starts with me

An inspirational quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “The time is always right to do what is right,” led me to reflect on Lean thinking and practices within the workplace. How many times do [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

Stuck between gears

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled my bike off the garage wall, checked the tires, and started for a leisurely ride without a chartered destination. My goal was to spin and explore. My neighborhood [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

The world as our school

The best of learning involves no school at all; “the world is school enough,” says George Leonard, a Zen philosopher and expert in Aikido. Our world today is opportunistic in its learning.  Yet, there are [...]

- by Deedee Myers, DDJ Myers

Healthy self-regard and humility

Fifteen emotional competencies form the foundation of human behavior, and improving this foundation increases the ease and effectiveness of our many relationships in the workplace and, ultimately, our leadership effectiveness. Dr. Deedee Myers helps us [...]

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Mary Leonardi joins the DDJ Myers team

Mary Leonardi, a highly regarded executive search consultant and human resources professional, joined DDJ Myers, Ltd, effective July 29, 2019, as Vice President of Executive Search Services. Mary is a seasoned and proven professional with [...]