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- by Jill Nowacki, Humanidei

Want inclusion? Stop cancel culture

Perfection should not be a prerequisite to anything in life. If we were required to already have achieved mastery before pursuing a new endeavor, growth would be impossible. How often though, in today’s cancel [...]

- by Jill Nowacki, Humanidei

Most of your employees are not okay

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 40% of U.S. families include children under the age of 18. With employment rates of the heads of households of those families [...]

- by Humanidei

Do not outsource DEI

“Why do you have to bring in someone from another place to talk to me? You are my neighbor. Why didn’t you just introduce yourself?” It was a conversation that left me stunned, and [...]

- by Jill Nowacki, Humanidei

Now is our time to win the war for talent

You can’t interview candidates face-to-face … It isn’t clear how deep this recession will go … In-person training opportunities are no longer available … What a perfect time to build your team! For years, credit unions [...]

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