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Workplace Insight: Wellbeing deserves more attention

Before COVID-19 hit, workplace wellness was a growing priority among credit union leaders, and now it is even more important. It’s difficult to understand the impact that workplace wellbeing, whether it is in the [...]

- by Momentum

Workplace Insight: Reflecting culture in your workplace

Your organization’s culture is the core of the employee experience. While many try to define it on paper, it takes real effort from leadership as well as buy-in from employees to transform your idea [...]

- by Jay Speidell, Momentum

Embrace the future of work

The credit union workplace is undergoing a dramatic transformation with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is undeniably a crisis, but it’s also an opportunity to hit the reset button on workplaces and policies that haven’[...]

- by Momentum

Workplace Insight: Friction frustrates your employees

Recruiting, engagement, and retention are major challenges with or without a pandemic, but efforts to provide positive employee experiences to fulfill these goals are often hampered by workplace friction. Although it is a major obstacle, [...]

- by Momentum

Workplace Insight: Employees want choice in the workplace

Your workforce consists of a diverse group of people who perform very different types of work, and as technology advances the nature of their work continually shifts. Where employees once performed routine task-based work they [...]

- by Jay Speidell, Momentum

Lean into the new branch experience

As consumers migrate to digital platforms to process their basic transactions, the purpose of the branch is fundamentally shifting towards supporting deeper conversations and relationships with members. As a result, consumer expectations are diverging from [...]

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