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- by Zach Hill, Think|Stack

Onboarding employees during a pandemic

Recently, I was talking with someone about how difficult on-boarding of new employees has become during COVID-19. He was describing a situation of trying to add new interns and employees quickly to back fill the [...]

- by Tim Foley, Think|Stack

Innovation and IT in a VUCA world

I am of that odd generation that lives between Gen X and Millennials. Technology and digital transformation have influenced my life at every turn, I am not young enough to have been born into technology [...]

- by Cal Bowman, Think|Stack

This Memorial Day…

This weekend, we will honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Having spent my career in the public sector working in the Defense and Homeland Security environment, I [...]

- by Tim Foley, Think|Stack

Innovation and a movie

We all love a good dinner and a movie.  Many will agree the best part of watching a movie are watching the previews.  There in the dark we become our own rotten tomato critics, whispering [...]

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