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Celebrating Get to Know Your Customers Day with our credit unions

January 21st marks National Get to Know Your Customers Day. To celebrate, we are showcasing some of the industry-leading credit unions that have worked with Trellance throughout the years. Check out our collection of case [...]

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Why credit unions are heading to the cloud in 2021

The benefits of cloud computing have become a hot topic in data analytics technology over the last few years. Savvy organizations across various industries have recognized cloud-based technologies for their potential and capitalized on them [...]

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An ounce of retention is worth a pound of profitability

Cardholder retention efforts spring to life the moment a member signs on for a credit card with your credit union. Great member service, timely communications and strategic card initiatives lead to enduring and profitable relationships [...]

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Trellance adds CU Engage as a professional services partner

Trellance, the leading provider of data analytics, business intelligence and professional services to community-based financial services organizations, today announced a professional services partnership with CU Engage, a national consultancy that delivers vendor and technology evaluations [...]

Trellance adds new consulting and professional services offerings

Trellance, the leading provider of data analytics, business intelligence, and professional services for credit unions, today announced significant additions to the professional services it offers to clients. The company added a new credit card account [...]

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