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Use credit line management to drive profits and reduce risks

Implementing and managing credit card portfolio has always been an important activity for credit unions. This has been so because credit cards have always been the most profitable product for any financial institution. It is [...]

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The credit union data analytics journey: Four steps to success

Data analytics is no longer available only to massive technology corporations and big banks. In fact, with access to enough data, even smaller credit unions can join the fun. With several data analytics platforms that [...]

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The 4 factors of data analytics success in a credit union

The credit union industry looks very different now than it did twenty years ago. At that time, it would have been hard to imagine remote deposit capture, peer-to-peer payments, or even mobile banking. What will [...]

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How to create engagement-driven member personas

As the pandemic’s effects continue, credit union members are paying more acute attention to their financial situation. They are increasingly attuned to which financial products make the best sense for them – and so should [...]

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Five tips to build a data-driven credit union

It’s no secret that data analytics are more important than ever to today’s businesses. No longer confined to just giant technology companies, data analytics have found their way into finance, and savvy credit [...]

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Trellance adds CU Engage as a professional services partner

Trellance, the leading provider of data analytics, business intelligence and professional services to community-based financial services organizations, today announced a professional services partnership with CU Engage, a national consultancy that delivers vendor and technology evaluations [...]

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