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- by Nate Wentzlaff, Trellance Data Blog

New member behaviors energize old fraud trends

Credit unions confront a new reality that is now shaped by changing member behaviors that are motivated by a national health and economic crisis. Thousands of non-essential brick-and-mortar shopping sites are closed for now. Credit [...]

- by Merrill Albert, The Decision Maker

Data Insights – Building a foundation

Data insights start, naturally, with data. Get the data wrong, and your insights will be wrong.  Who wants to take business actions on insights based on bad data? The real problem is when you’re [...]

- by Merrill Albert, Trellance

Data governance – How to start

Data governance is an organized discipline of people, process, and technology supporting a company’s data. Starting with data governance needs to be small enough that it is manageable but large enough that it makes [...]

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