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- by Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co.

How to get BIG results from your strategic planning session

Effective strategic planning events are one of the main differentiators between underperforming credit unions and healthy, growing credit unions. However, making an event effective requires more than simply showing up and putting some dreams on [...]

- by Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co.

Goals can be the death of your credit union

Let’s be clear: It’s not the goals that will kill your credit union. It’s how you think about those goals that could kill your credit union. Which of the following is the [...]

- by Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co.

How much does a new member cost?

How much does it cost your credit union to add a new member? That’s a question that could generate much debate. Ask three different experts, and you’ll get three different answers. It’s [...]

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Trust brought Maple FCU to Your Marketing Company

Maple Federal Credit Union CEO Pamela Stelly turned to Your Marketing Company because “we knew we needed to do a better job of showing who we really are. We’re like those fun cousins you [...]

Your Marketing Co. announces strategic personnel moves

In line with its strategic focus for 2020 and beyond, Your Marketing Co. has announced two promotions and another move to a newly created position to make the credit union marketing, strategic planning and branding [...]

Small CU to earn a marketing makeover from CU Impossible

Starting July 20, credit unions with less than $100 million in assets can begin submitting applications for CU Impossible, a project to encourage smaller credit unions to seek alternatives to mergers. The CU Impossible project [...]

Your Marketing Co. announces new Hispanic marketing program

Credit unions seeking better outreach to the Latino community have a solution in Your Marketing Co., a Greenville-based full-service strategic planning, branding and marketing agency. “Statistics show almost 30% of Latino households are underbanked, which [...]

Your Marketing Co. live event with Kristen Hadeed

As a credit union leader, do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders right now? Your Marketing Co. is offering two opportunities to network with your peers, share your fears, [...]