CU Service Network announces new corporate brand: Aux

LAKEWOOD, CO (June 23, 2020) — Back Office Outsourcing and Shared Branching CUSO CU Service Network (CUSN) is thrilled to announce their new company name and brand: Aux. Over the past five years, the CUSO has transformed tremendously as an organization, becoming the nation’s premier CUSO for credit union outsourcing, and it made sense to create a brand that aligned with the company’s current mission and services. Furthermore, the original shared branching servicing component of CUSN moved to a new organization in June of 2020, called InNetwork, in order to provide collaborative and partnering opportunities with other networks. This further exacerbated the need for the organization to rebrand.

Aux is a shortened version of the word auxiliary, and a phonetic play on the word ox, which is an icon of strength and stability in financial services. CUSN wanted their new brand to represent the essence of their CUSO, the core of what they do for credit unions: help them, provide extra assistance, step in when times are tough. CUSN has been known as the “people who help the people who help the people,” as the old CU mantra goes, for many years. For the brand mark, an origami ox was used to symbolize the creation of something incredible out of something simple – a piece of paper. Aux helps credit unions do more with less.

Aux President/CEO Doug Burke commented, “We have worked collaboratively with our partner credit unions over the last several years introducing innovative new products. It’s only fitting as part of our transformation our name would change as well.”

The Aux Mission: To promote the long-term growth and vitality of the credit union movement.


The Aux Vision: Strengthening the credit union movement through collaboration, innovation and leadership.

Furthermore, the launch of their new credit union data analytics product, cuery, in June of 2020, rounds out their collaborative shared services suite, which includes compliance, accounting, IT and now data analytics.

Aux Team consists of the CUSO’s staff, clients, and everyone who rallies with them to strengthen the credit union movement. Aux is immensely proud of their brand and what credit unions are doing for communities and the industry. Please visit their new website at to learn more.

About AUX

Aux, established in 1992, is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned by 55 credit unions, and serves nearly 200 participating clients. We provide a variety of progressive back-office solutions that drive credit union success, like accounting, compliance and data analytics. We are leaders in credit union innovation, cooperation and research. We do the hard work for you. We are Aux Team proud. For more information on Aux, please visit us at or contact us at (720) 945-7235.


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