Momentum team earns Leesman Advanced Practitioner credentials

SEATTLE, WA (March 4, 2021) — Jenny Bengeult, Mark Alguard, and Michael Downs have earned their Leesman Advanced Practitioner (AP) credentials, joining a global community of professionals committed to improving workplaces through a data-driven and people-focused methodology.

The Leesman Index is the leading tool for measuring workplace effectiveness. It helps organizations understand what work activities are important to their team members, and how their workspaces and workplace amenities help support those activities. It also helps Momentum learn what elements of a building drive a more successful workplace experience for their clients. It is from this baseline that our team develops an optimized workplace strategy. Using this data also affords a more objective perspective that can help remove emotions from the decision-making process. Momentum has a long history with Leesman and was its first North American Partner.

Momentum has used the Leesman Index to not only deliver buildings that support the people who use them, but also to dive deep into credit union workplace trends through surveying over 1,200 credit union employees. This data is the foundation of our recent whitepaper, A Study of Credit Union Workplaces and the Future of Work.

Pursuing the Leesman AP credential has helped our team expand on their knowledge of Leesman’s workplace research as well as gain a deeper intuition for transforming workplace data into actionable strategy.

To learn more about the Leesman process, read our interview with Eleanor Forster, Managing Director of Leesman North America.

About Momentum

Momentum is a strategic design-build partner that takes a people-centric approach to helping credit unions and community banks thrive. The way we see it, a building cannot be successful unless it’s truly meeting the needs of the people who will use it. We start by fully understanding your business goals so we can design and build for your employees, your customers. We use powerful predictive data to zero in on how to best serve the people who live and work in your neighborhoods, and we help uncover the right technologies to connect your employees with colleagues and customers. We collaborate with you every step of the way using a unique integrated process and open communication style, so all stakeholders can move forward with confidence. We deliver brand-inspired buildings that strengthen connections and reflect their communities, where people love to work and visit. At Momentum, we believe a design-build partnership delivers better relationships, and it delivers better buildings


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