Three communication tips for your new normal

While parts of the country are seeing reopening after months, many people are still working from home. This new normal has shown us that some of our previously effective communication styles can now come off as rude or ineffective. 

Here are some communication tips for creating an effective and productive new normal. 

Reconsider your timing and tone

Recognizing that you may not be feeling like yourself can help you reflect on how you connect with people. Be sure to extend empathy to others you work with. With all that the world is going through, you may want to highlight yourself as a point of contact for someone who needs to be heard. 

Make an effort to go beyond chit-chat

As we all navigate the realness of “Zoom fatigue” in our virtual work, regular check-ins have likely worn off. Going above and beyond showing that you care will really help empower your communication efforts. When you respect your co-workers on a deeper level, you will find that your working relationships will continue to grow. 

Talk about miscommunications

It will happen; you or someone you work with will miscommunicate at some point, but how you work it out is just as important. In the heat of the moment, there will be no positive effects to communicate the problem as it happens; instead, take the time to reflect. Once you have reflected, set up some time and let the other person know what you will be talking about in advance. Remember, everyone will have their points of view and reasoning. Always approach these conversions with the intent on a joint resolution. 

Robbie Young

Robbie Young

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